Philipp Dunkel

PDF - Meta Manifest

PDF Meta is a tool designed to view and modify the meta information attached to a PDF file. This information is contained in the Info dictionary specified in the trailer of the document and contains:

Title: the title of the Document
Subject: the subject of the Document
Author: the author of the Document
Keywords: keywords used in searching and indexing the Document
Creator: the Application used to create the Document
Created: the date the Document was created
Modified: the date the Document was last modified

PDF Meta allows you to change all this information making your PDF Documents more suitable for indexing. Please visit in order to check for new versions or other projects.
I am also planning to develop a tool to index and search PDF Documents as well as a web interface to maintain such an Index (perfekt to archive all your documents). Furthermore an application to structure and annotate PDF Documents is in the planning phase.

I hope you enjoy the use of PDF-Meta!!!

P.S.: Whether or not PDF-Meta will be enhanced or any of the mentioned applications will be developed depends on your feedback as well as my time. So feel free to tell me about your uses.

P.P.S.: PDF Meta is written in Java, so there are Executables available for MacOSX, Windows, Linux and Solaris.